Shuichi examines the lighting situation

one of the models gets her picture taken on the stairs to the loft...with a camera phone

view up towards the loft

view of the loft

rooms on the back of the loft

a peek inside the far-right window of the picture above this one

the bar in the kitchen

Nishimoto and me playing dice

me ordering a drink from Nishimoto

Nishimoto and me waiting to get into the restaurant

Shuichi and I waiting for the Osaka-style Okonomiyaki to cook

me holding the huge bowl of Monjya

Shuichi ready to eat the uncooked Monjya

Nishimoto and me watching while the employee showed us how to cook Monjya

Monjyayaki in its pizza-shape

Nishimoto having an angry bite of the Monjyayaki