outside of the building from the ground

outside of level 6 and 7 from the roof

city from the roof

Shuichi and official elevator operator

level 4 and 5

creepy staircase

Nishimoto in the window

Shuichi's shot of me taking the picture of Nishimoto in the window

angry Nishimoto

Nishimoto and me in the window

me in the basement furnace room

me in the creepy basement hallway

me being pulled by a dolphin on the Ocean Firefly island


Shuichi's picture of me taking man-bear-pig shot

Shuichi imitating man-bear-pig

Nishimoto riding man-bear-pig

me taking picture of where the road plummits into the ocean. The half-oval above my head
on the other side of the water is where the road emerges from the ocean

Nishimoto and I


the way Shuichi looks at me when I mess up. Nishimoto's regular face

a couple of the roads leading back to the tunnel

the okonomiyaki I devoured